Brigadier-General Sir Alexander Bertram


The Bertram men stand for a portrait in 1907. Alexander is in the middle with the walrus moustache.

Alexander Bertram was the first child of John and Elizabeth Bertram, born in 1853, only seven months after his parents arrived in Canada from Scotland. His early years were spent in Kent County, Ontario, where John relocated after losing his job. The Bertrams returned to Dundas in 1862, though, when John found work at Gartshore’s Foundry.

At 14 years of age, Alexander apprenticed at the Bertram Works, driving a horse and cart.

He married Eliza Millichamp Smith in 1877 in Toronto and they had four children: John Hugh, Florence Millie, Harry Alexander, and Thomas Stirling. They lived in Dundas until 1912 when they moved to Montreal where Alexander established the marketing head office, mainly because the head offices of Bertram clients such as the major railways were located there.

With the outbreak of World War I, Alexander’s skills were put to use as the chair of the Canadian Shell Committee, and later as vice-chair of the Imperial Munitions Board.

He died in Montreal in 1926 and was buried in Grove Cemetery, Dundas.


Brigadier-General Sir Alexander Bertram

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