James Knowles Bertram

Jamie Bertram, at 2 years of age.

James Knowles Bertram, or Jamie, was born on December 6, 1889 in Dundas. The only child of Dr. T.A. Bertram and Jean Knowles Bertram, his childhood was spent in Dundas.

He graduated from the Royal Military College and was in his fourth year of medicine at McGill University when World War I began.  He soon enlisted and held the rank of major in the 77th Battalion. When he went overseas, he was promoted to Captain and was an Adjutant in the 20th Battalion under Colonel Allen.  He served at Ypres but was transferred to the Somme area where he was promoted to the 1st Brigade staff, Canadian Headquarters.

He was killed on September 22, 1916.

Jamie Bertram and his mother, Jean.

Jamie was a wonderful writer and a faithful correspondent. Copies of his many letters home from the War have been preserved  and are available for research. His wartime diary is also in the Archives.

More about and by Jamie will be added in the future.

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