H. Graham Bertram


Graham Bertram joined the Bertram Works in 1913 as Shop Engineer. In 1926, the Bertrams bought out the American interests in their company and complete control was again assumed by the family. By this time, Henry’s son, H. Graham Bertram, was prepared to take over some  management duties.
Graham expanded the firm beyond machine tools into the manufacture of mine hoists, paper mills and, during World War II, machines for the production of marine engines, tanks, gun mounts, and ships. By the end of the war, the plant employed 2,000 men and women and covered 320,000 square feet.
Graham sold the company in 1951. During his retirement, he planned the Dundas Historical Society Museum and was a generous benefactor, both in funds to build the Museum and to provide for its on-going operation. The Museum was opened April 1956. Graham died in June 1956.
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